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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i reset my Lucis or preserve Battery Power and really disconnect the battery?

If you travel with your Lucis or want to preserve battery power when your not using your Lucis. Connect the Magnetic "Play" reset coin on the right spot on the lamp. Your lamp will totally shut down just remove the coin and lucis will start with a bright white light setting.

What are the key features of Lucis?

Lucis is a full color LED mood lamp and is: wireless, portable, re-chargeable and splash proof. Lucis has a flush design (no buttons) and can be attached to our wooden tripod and other accessories or to other items like candle stands and empty bottles. Dimensions of Lucis are: 4,33 x 4,33 x 4,33 inch (110 x 110 x 110 mm) except for lucis Bamboo when attaching the handle.

What type of plug and voltage does the Lucis adapter have?

Lucis is compatible with 220V and 110V. We can provide you with a EU, UK or US plug. Since the plug and voltage conditions vary per country, we recommend that purchasers from other countries make sure they have the right plug adapter and converter needed in their country.

How long do I need to charge Lucis?

Depending on your Lucis version. Lucis lite; 2,5 hours, Lucis premium 4,5 hours , Lucis Bamboo 8 hours.

If I attach Lucis to something that cannot easily be shaken, how do I turn Lucis on and off?

You can turn Lucis on and off in two ways. Besides shaking, you can turn Lucis off by touching the dimming sensor for four seconds and on by touching the brightening sensor for four seconds. But the best way to turn lucis ON/OFF is with the magnetic "play" coin.

Do all Lucis Lamps have a 1/4" tripod connector in the bottom

Yes all lucis are equipped with the standard 1/4" tripod connector and can be connected to any Lucis Accessories or any standard photography accessories.

What kind of battery does Lucis have?

4000mAh lite/8000mAh premium/13600 mAh (lithium) bamboo

Can I wash Lucis?

Yes, carefully, because Lucis is splash proof. You can clean any lucis if your careful. Lucis Lite has a special water & dirt repellent coating.